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The Real Jerk Food Truck Menu

Squid & Things Food Truck

Famous Sandwich Food Truck Menu

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The Real Jerk Food Truck Menu

Traditional Mix Plate “Big Load”

Jerk Grilled Chicken, Twice Cooked Jerk Fried Chicken, Rice & Peas, Caribbean Gravy ‘w’ Coconut Slaw “Can be made Gluten Free”

Jerk Chicken Burger

Served witsh a side of Chips

Jerk Mushroom Burger

Served with a side of chips “Veg”

Our minimum package starts at $35PP
Minimum spend $2200+gst

Famous Sandwich Food Truck Menu

All burgers served with Chips in a burger pack

Smoky BBQ Beef Brisket Burger

Tender Pork Belly Burger

Jerk Mushroom Burger “Vegetarian”

PopEye Chicken Burger

Our package starts at $30PP 

Minimum spend $2000+gst 

Squid & Things Food Truck

All served with Chips

Giant Whole Crispy Fried Squid on a stick 

Giant Whole Grilled Squid on a stick

 Our package starts at $25PP

 Minimum spend $2000+gst