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About us


At Boss Man Food, we are passionate about food and bringing the exotic rich flavours of Jamaican cuisine back home for all Australians to enjoy!


Jamaican Cuisine
Jamaica is an island full of history, heritage and people from all corners of the globe. With an island having so much influence from many different cultures, it’s no wonder that the food is just as original, unique and tasty! Boasting influences from the Spanish, British, East Indian, West African, Portuguese, Chinese, French and the Dutch, one cannot be but fascinated with the rich culinary choices of Jamaica.


The Boss Man

Roderick Grant is a Jamaican born Restauranteur and Entrepreneur and is passionate about his roots and about cooking. Boss Man Food is his latest endeavor to share his passion for food and his culture with you.

Boss Man Food no longer import and distribute food products, after over 4 years of operation we decided to sell our import business and focus on our event based food concepts.